PrivacyCamp has expanded!

Radical.  Where is it?

This year, PrivacyCamp will be held in three cities: DC, San Francisco, and Toronto.

PrivacyCamp DC, held April 17, will focus on privacy and government policy.  The San Francisco camp, held May 7 after the Web 2.0 Expo, aims to examine privacy and social networks.  In addition to broader privacy issue, the Toronto event will look at underexposed topics such as gender and privacy.

This just blew my mind.  Where do I go for my PrivacyCamp fix?

You go here.  From now on, this site will serve as the source for all PrivacyCamp material, with registration available for individual camps as appropriate.  While posts from last year’s camp will remain up, you might notice the following changes:

  • Logo no longer lists “DC”
  • Twitter feed comes from “PrivacyCamp”, not “PrivacyCampDC”
  • “Schedule” replaced with “Upcoming PrivacyCamps”

For more information, comment below or contact Josh Berg at


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