Initial Topics for Privacy Camp SF

With PrivacyCamp SF just over a week away, I’m really getting excited about the event. Here are a few ideas and questions for the sessions to address next week, all in keeping with our social networking theme:

•    Privacy by Design: Where in the design process should privacy be addressed? How far have we come and in what direction are we heading? What are the biggest obstacles to designing a private network, and what are some ways to overcome them?
•    All Out in the Open: How can privacy exist on a public network? In an age that seemingly embraces oversharing, are privacy controls a futile exercise? What are users’ expectations and how can they be addressed?
•    The Money Question: Does privacy work against the very tenets of social networking monetization? Can networks emphasize privacy and still be profitable? Is it possible to compete on privacy?
•    Too Much Control: Are granular controls the answer to privacy? How detailed can controls get before they become too complicated? How sophisticated is the “average user” and how can sites encourage users to educate themselves about the full functionality of privacy controls?
•   Update Headaches: What works when you change your site’s privacy controls? What doesn’t?

What would you like to see discussed at PrivacyCamp SF?


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2 Responses

  1. sndrsndvz says:

    hey guys im new to hope to learn new things from you guys and help out 🙂

  2. Aaron Sylvan says:

    Privacy is a subject I’m extremely interested in, and I’ve been developing a company called TrustWorks for the last two years which is focused exclusively on direct communications within trusted communities, with no searchable content and no marketing… There’s additional information on our site and on our facebook page (ironically), and I hope you’ll send information about the Toronto event – I’d love to attend or even to be a presenter, if you’re interested.

    Nice work, looking out for all our interests!

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PrivacyCamp is an multi-city unconference about privacy focusing on government policy and social networking.


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