Guest Post: Alternative Idea for a “Privacy API”

This post was contributed by Sandy Klausner of CoreTalk

The idea of “The Privacy API” was raised at last May’s PrivacyCamp event.  The idea is premised on numerous social websites publishing closed APIs, with no assurance that a high profile privacy mishap could not occur.  Perhaps, event participants can consider an alternative idea?

I recently authored two blog entries on the Science Enhanced Networked Domains and Secure Social Spaces (SENDS) website that address the framework challenge to aid application developers across all platforms in designing privacy for their apps.  The second entry premises that scalable solutions to the identity and privacy challenges require holistic policy-aware software architecture where a user’s identity is fused to a legal entity.  Anything created by a user is traceable to the entity, allowing apps to share personal data that can expand into a rich contextualized cyberspace presence.

The first A Vision for Personal Information Management entry reflects on the current effort to redefine cyber-security and what the opportunities to empower individuals to manage their identity and privacy might look like.  The second entry, A Context-aware Internet, describes a vision for a new Internet architecture that is context-aware, a key requirement to automate and secure online transactions, as well as provide trusted identities and enhanced privacy.  This entry suggests a mechanism to provide users with fine-grained control over their data from a simple user interface, while supporting the rapid development of a broad range of high-value commercial applications.

Such architecture could provide an efficient and resilient information and communications infrastructure for generations to come.  The Cubicon team has done extensive work in exploring the practical deployment of such architecture and warmly invites dialog on the associated opportunities and implications.



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