About Privacy Camp

PrivacyCampDC09 is an “unconference” barcamp about Privacy and Government Issues using about Privacy with a particular focus on electronic privacy and Government Policy.   The goal is to connect researchers, developers, practitioners, citizens and other enthusiasts for a day of intense collaboration and knowledge sharing around privacy, government 2.0, and the intersection of the two. Because this is an unconference, we will schedule sessions the morning of the conference, around the topics that people want to lead sessions on or want to hear about- I’m already planning on a couple Privacy Act related sessions.

Event Summary and RSVP

  • When: Saturday, June 20th 2009, from 8am-5pm  (the weekend prior to the Department of Homeland Security’s Government 2.0: Privacy and Best Practices conference).
  • Where: The Center For American Progress Action Fund, Washington, DC. 1333 H Street, NWWashington, DC 2000
  • Happy Hour: Coming soon!  Let Shaun Dakin know if you would like to organize this event.
  • Metro access: Metro Center
  • Size: 150+ attendees
  • Cost: $2.
  • RSVP on Eventbrite.  Click here.
    • Important (please read): We’re using Eventbrite this year to help us maintain one consolidated list of registered attendees, and we need your cooperation! Barcamps, typically have a no-show rate of about 35 percent, which is too high if we want to avoid waste and spend our sponsor money wisely and efficiently. Please sign up on Eventbrite only if you are committed to attending the event. If you sign up and later find out you won’t make it, please take your name off the list. There is no upper limit of attendees at this point, and we’re pretty sure we’ll be able to accommodate last-minute sign-ups. But for planning purposes, please help us keep this list as accurate as possible. Thank you!

Stuff We Might Talk About

  • Government protection of consumer privacy
  • Internet privacy regulations
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Obama Administration and Privacy
  • Health Care Reform and Privacy
  • Voter Privacy
  • Government collection of citizen data
  • Data breach law
  • And so much more!

Who Will Be There? Will I Like Them?

Of course you’ll like them, silly! They’re only the coolest cats in town:

  1. Shaun Dakin.  CEO and Founder of Citizens for Civil Discourse and The National Political Do Not Contact Registry
  2. Ari Schwartz, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer , Center for Democracy and Technology
  3. Alissa Cooper, Chief Computer Scientist, Center for Democracy and Technology
  4. Heather West, Policy Analyst, Center for Democracy and Technology
  5. Alan Rosenblatt, Associate Director of Online Advocacy, Center for American Progress Action Fund
  6. Katitza Rodríguez, Director, International Privacy Program, Electronic Privacy Information Center
  7. Michael Smith, Information Security Primadonna, Blogger/Founder
  8. You!

Sponsors and budget

This event will cost only $2 to attend, because of the generous support of our sponsors.

From past experience, the cost per active participant tends to vary between roughly $15 and $40 (depending on many factors such as venue, food, technology, schwag etc.).

List your name here if you or your organization would like to become a sponsor. Sponsors are highly encouraged to actively participate in the event. By sponsoring PrivacyCampDC09, you’re providing much needed funds to support this community. In return, we will prominently mention all sponsors by applying any or all of the following online and offline opportunities:

  • Sponsor appreciation on all available channels (wiki, Twitter, Google group)
  • Sponsor appreciation the day of the event (logo print-out, verbal announcement)
  • Right to market your product, service or organization on-site as long as it doesn’t disrupt or otherwise negatively affect the overall barcamp experience (e.g. simple table tops, literature, banners etc.)
  • Sponsors are invited to participate at the event (though we don’t guarantee that your sessions will be popular… that’s up to you to figure out)
  • If you can think of anything else please contact us and we’ll discuss. Thanks!

Incoming funds


Name (linked)

Sponsor Statement

Pledge Paid ($) Status Notes
1 Sunlight Foundation
250 256 Paid
2 Rashne Green Logo Design Done Contact –
3 Center for American Progress Action Fund Location Done Contact – Alan Rosenblatt
4 300 300 Paid Contact – Bob Fertik
5 Center for Democracy and Technology Contact – Ari Schwartz
6 EPIC – Electronic Privacy Information Center 100 100 Paid Contact – Lillie Coney
7 The Future of Privacy Forum 500 500 Paid Contact – Jules Polonetsky
8 Siteworx 200 200 Paid Contact – Patricia Meija
9 Citizens for Civil Discourse Camp Management / PR  / domain name $8 Paid Contact – Shaun Dakin

Goal: $3,000

(at 150 attendees, that’s $20 per attendee )

Outgoing costs

Date Vendor
Description Amount
Paid By
6.4.09 EventBright Event Fees 40.48 PrivacyCamp (Shaun Dakin)


  • $600 breakfast ($4/person)
  • $750 lunch ($5/person)
  • $600 coffee, drinks ($4/person)
  • $150 paper plates, cups, utensils ($1/person)
  • $300 office supplies ($2/person)
  • Total: $2,400 (or $16/person)

Please add what’s missing and change the numbers around as you see fit.  We’ll get more precise as we get closer to the event.


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