Do Voters Deserve Privacy From Politicians and Candidates?

Shaun Dakin, CEO and Founder of The National Political Do Not Contact Registry, is one of the lead organizers for PrivacyCampDC.

Do Voters deserve privacy protection during campaigns?  Or, does the first amendment, protecting freedom of speech, have priority?

For many of us the invasion of privacy by candidates during elections is the price to bear for Democracy.   Robocalls, email spam, direct mail, TV and Radio ads, and door to door canvassing are all meant to be “dealt with” by voters.   “Just unplug the phone”, candidates and political consultants tell me.

But what if you lived in a battleground state during a Presidential election cycle?  (PA, OH, FL, NC and others)

If you did, you could be receiving up to 15 robo calls a day.   15 robo calls a day.  Really.

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